A letter in Support of State Issue One

May 1, 2018

A letter in Support of State Issue One.


I would ask that voters on May 8 consider voting Yes for State Issue One. State Issue One will promote fair congressional districts and fair elections by stopping the unfair practice of “gerrymandering” which promotes one political party rule.  State Issue One is supported by the League of Women Voters and has support of both major political parties at the state level.

In 2016 Ohio voters passed a similar issue requiring that at the next census the   Ohio General Assembly legislative districts be drawn in promoting a fair and transparent process with citizen involvement.

A Yes vote for State Issue One will be a step in a direction of uniting our country. It would allow our elected legislators to put the country first instead of special interests and one party rule.

With a Yes vote on State Issue One, we all win with a better opportunity for civil discourse and respectful cooperative conversation in Washington.

Duane Feher
Ashtabula County Democratic Party Chair