Patterson Introduces Legislation To Establish “Ohio Covered Bridge Week”

State Representative John Patterson (D-Jefferson) recently introduced legislation to designate the second week of October as “Ohio Covered Bridge Week.” This designation would coincide with the Ashtabula Covered Bridge Festival, celebrated in Jefferson, Ohio during the same week.

“Ohio Covered Bridge Week would recognize the importance of our state’s historic covered bridges and raise awareness for the need to ensure their preservation,” said Rep. Patterson. “These bridges represent more than a century and a half of Ohio history—a history worth preserving and protecting for future generations to enjoy.”

This legislation seeks to promote Ohio’s unique tourist attractions and to educate current and future generations through the celebration of the state’s shared history.

With over 150 covered bridges scattered throughout the state, Ohio ranks second in the nation for the most covered bridges. The longest and shortest covered bridges in America are located in Ashtabula County, with the longest being the 613-foot Smolen-Gulf Bridge spanning the Ashtabula River and the shortest being the 18-foot Liberty Street Bridge in Geneva.

The bill is awaiting committee assignment in the Ohio House, where it will receive its initial hearings.